How To Measure Native Advertising Performance

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing, most promising new methods of online marketing, but many brands are still trying to figure out the best way to measure its performance.

Does native advertising really work? How do we know what metrics to use?


MobSoc Media Launches TechFancast, the “Tech Newsroom of the Future:” a Sector-Specific Tech News Aggregator Covering Over 50 Technology Sectors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 24, 2014) – Today, MobSoc Media announced the launch of TechFancast, a new technology news aggregation site that serves as a model for the tech industry newsroom of the future — by displaying the most engaging and highest ranking tech news stories according to the current moment of the social web. TechFancast uses proprietary technology to analyze, sort and rank the biggest stories and trends for over 50 technology sectors. Unlike other search engines and aggregator sites that require users to manually sift through the results, TechFancast auto-identifies the most engaging content based on the measurable “earned media” reader engagement with articles.


MobSoc Media Launches SF Giants Fancast as One Stop Site for Giants Fans

MobSoc Media have announced that they are launching a new way for San Francisco Giants fans to receive news and updates about their favorite team. The SF Giants Fancast will aim to be the new one stop destination website for fans to receive the latest news around the web about the Giants from a franchise perspective on down to specific news about each player.


MobSoc Media Launches “SF Giants Fancast” to Follow the Giants’ Push Into the MLB Postseason

With the San Francisco Giants playoff-hungry for the postseason, now more than ever, Giants fans are laser focused on baseball news and timely updates. To satisfy this demand, MobSoc Media today announced the first-ever launch of SF Giants Fancast, the sports newsroom of the future and digital community news site for Giants Fans that collects and sorts the latest up-to-the-minute news about the Giants from around the web, where they can quickly find the most engaging content.


MobSoc Media, Enabling Brands to Reach Their Target Audiences on Mobile and Social Platforms

Steve Wick the Founder & President of MobSoc Media that enables brands to precisely target the most relevant audiences on mobile and social platforms joins Enterprise Radio.
Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Steve Wick discuss the following:

– What does MobSoc Media do?
– How does native advertising and content marketing benefit entrepreneurs and businesses?
– What steps are involved for a business to get started with native advertising/content marketing?
– What results can businesses expect to see from native advertising approaches?


Native Advertising: What It Is And What It Looks Like

Native advertising remains a confusing term for many marketers, making it more of a buzzword than an actual marketing tactic. According to Copyblogger, 49 percent of brands and advertisers don’t know or understand what native advertising is.

But as this marketing trend picks up momentum, you should be in the loop on how it works and what it may mean for the future of advertising. We’re here to help clear the air, and to start, we’ll define the term, show you examples of seamless native advertising and explain why each example works.