Halloween Marketing: 6 Brands That ‘Killed’ It

Happy Halloween!

In celebration of this festive occasion, let’s highlight a few brands that have done a really excellent job with their efforts surrounding this holiday! 

1) Google 

When visiting your Google Search Page, you may spy a little note stating, “Even monsters are Made with Code. Code your own for Halloween.” When clicked, you are then taken into a platform which allows you to make your own Yeti.

Here’s the little monster I made; he can dance, wave, and entertain. Better yet, I can share my creation across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+! Kudos to Google for helping to make coding more accessible and less intimidating!  Made w/ Code has a ton of other kid-friendly and kid-at-heart coding projects, take a peek.


2) Oreo 

Oreo brought it this year with their “Nomsters.” Their Tim Burton-esque 11 second video clips are amazing and invoke The Nightmare Before Christmas. Doctor Finklestein would definitely approve of this lab set-up.

The brand also invited their Facebook fans to name these little critters. Very, very clever on the fan engagement front. Genius, actually.






 3) Peeps Minis

Peeps Minis wants you to know that they are tasty all year long…

A series of these spooky-yet-cute images have popped up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! It’s fun to see these iconic treats makes waves way after Easter.



4) Crest

This hilarious video probably makes dentists (and that lady down the street who hands out toothbrushes every year) cringe a little despite being for a tooth-friendly product. If you’ve ever been around a group of kids on Halloween night, this is exactly what that experience is like.

5) Trulia

The ‘Housing Scare Report’ infographic is informative and festive!



6) Ford

Since the other examples were more cutesy and whimsical, let’s end with people being simply terrified. ‘Tis the season.