MobSoc Media’s 56 properties have an audience reach of 235 Million in U.S./Canada and over 512 Million global users in the social and mobile spheres.


With in-stream advertorial content/native advertising, we deliver to brands marketers, advertisers, and content publishers amplified brand engagement.

Our approach to in-stream advertorial content offers three primary advantages:

Multi Platform Native Formats

In-Stream content on our responsive design websites and Facebook post amplification works great on mobile, tablet and desktop formats

Higher Engagement

In-stream advertorial content delivers much higher audience engagement rates versus display ads

Improve Search Ranking

Longer form content on our website properties can be optimized for Search Engines and generate longer tails of audience engagement



Our advertorial stories offer several advantages over display ads:


  1. No limitations on text, photos and creative formats
  2. Appears as a real news story from a media property versus a News Feed-branded advertisement
  3. Ability to align the advertorial stories to relevant interest-based audiences across MobSoc Media’s publishing network
  4. Achieves higher user engagement versus online display ads
    • Higher engagement rate and earned media uplift (likes, comments, shares)
    • Higher action rate (clicks on Facebook or traffic to website to read the full article)


Hit your target audience and
maximize your reach with Mobsoc media