“Blog” is a Choice Four-Letter Word for Some, It Shouldn’t Be



Blogging. Some brands really excel at maintaining a really well thought-out and informative array of blog content, while others fail in a dramatic fashion. Those who really botch blogging seem to really undervalue the power of a great blog and see it as just one more task. That attitude is counterproductive and harmful.

Be truthful– Which camp does your brand’s blog fall into? Is your brand’s blog robust and well taken care of or a sad, sad neglected afterthought? Do dramatic changes need to be made and resources shifted in order to breathe life into your brand’s blog? What do potential clients and existing customers see when they visit your company’s blog? Where does the blog land on the weekly “to do” list? What kind of impression does your company’s blog conjure up?

Blogging is an important and vital cornerstone of content marketing. Company websites need a blog full of quality content to position itself, build credibility, drive traffic, and engage its consumer base. The blog is an extension of your brand’s perceived ‘personality’ and remains a powerful tool. Do not let it go fallow or shrivel up and die.

A weak or overlooked blog sends a bad message to those interested in your offerings. Such as…

1) Your blog comes across as an inconvenient “chore.” The truth is, people notice if months pass between blogs posts. That looks questionable. Your valuable audience will also notice if your content feels forced. If your content holds little valuable and sparks zero interest, your intended audience will check out and might write your brand off for good.

If content creation is really an issue, take a look at your own team and how it’s functioning. If the person tasked with keeping up the blog isn’t ‘with the program’ or is overwhelmed, think about dividing up the responsibility. (A talented writer might already be on your team, maybe you haven’t given them a real shot. Think about handing the reins over to them.) You may also consider reaching out to a professional freelancer who has the experience to nurture and interject life into your blog. Also really think about the strategy of inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your blog. Don’t be afraid to ask around for help.

2) Your marketing team is a giant mess. A solid marketing specialist or team should realize the value of a blog and do everything in their power to keep it rolling. If their efforts are going elsewhere and draining your budget… they need to be reeled back in ASAP and resources need to be reallocated. They should know better and be concentrating on efforts that hold tangible, lasting value.

3) Your brand is struggling due to the lack of “success stories”. So do you have any “yay us” quips to share in the form of case studies or any stellar press coverage? Or even an update surrounding a recent press release? Anything to brag about? If your blog has zero positive items about your company to share, you may be sending a really awful message… that your brand is on its way down. Why should a potential client consider your services if your communication efforts are dismal and unconvincing?

4) Your brand isn’t to be taken seriously. Sound harsh? Well, a blog that isn’t maintained and rarely pumps out quality content looks like a “Mom & Pop” operation. Industry leaders put a lot into their content creation and have the resources to assemble a knowledgeable team to drive their communications. You may be a small brand with a small budget, but make sure you’re putting the most valuable thing of all into your blogging efforts… time. Just ensure that quality blog posts are being put together even in it’s just 2x per month. Share your brand’s passion and knowledge, that will shine through and allow you to elbow in with the big guys.

5) Your brand looks like it no longer exists. Your blog and website haven’t been touched since January 2013… are you even in business? You might be thriving, but the neglect of your online properties looks really, really bad. It’s a turn off to those potential clients researching your brand.

If your blog is a shell of what it could be, it’s time for a real gut check and a drastic change. A healthy blog is well worth the investment of time and resources. Don’t lose out on a valuable asset, get a solid strategy together and stick to it!

Give your blog another four letter word, some L-O-V-E.