Sharpen Your Email Marketing Efforts With This Simple Checklist

First, take quick cruise around your personal inbox and check out recent communications from your favorite brands. You have most likely noticed that email marketing has gone from humdrum dull to a visual smorgasbord in recent years. Thanks to brands throwing more budget to the medium, it has become another hot avenue in the constant battle to snag consumers’ attention.

With the holiday season approaching, it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at your brand’s email marketing strategy and optimize your use of this valuable channel. Here’s an easy to follow checklist that can aid you in evaluating each email marketing campaign you produce before sending it to your list!


Subject Lines:

– Is there room for any personalization at all?

– Does it grab reader attention?

– Is there a sense of urgency or time sensitivity involved?

– Did you incorporate a call to action?

– Can an element of curiosity or mystery be added?

– Does the subject line present obvious value?

– Did you experiment with different subject line variations? (Consider testing different subject line strategies…)


Email Body Elements/ Messaging:

– Is the email copy clear, simple, and focused?

– Are strong visuals and creative design used?

– Can gifs, product photos, infographics, etc. be added in for visual interest?

– Will the recipient understand what actions to take?

– Is the copy concise and in good balance with the visuals selected?

– If communication is weekly/ monthly— Is it fresh and does it stand out from prior email marketing pushes.

– Can the email include special offers, VIP access, or other ‘exclusive’ feeling information?


Email Body Close:

– Are clear directions and calls to action present?

– Can users easily jump to the brand website or social media channels from the email?

– Are useful links clearly provided?

This fast rundown can certainly help you hit the right marks and maintain focus on reaching your brand’s goals. Soon this all will become second nature as you creatively piece together email marketing pushes and newsletters.

Since many retailers and brands are already hardcore throwing everything at Halloween and have been since basically August— Happy Holidays?!