Relaxing Digital Website Launched

relaxing digital

In conjunction with Endel – the unrivaled, cross-platform audio ecosystem and iOS app that creates personalized, adaptive sound environments that can improve health, well-being, and mood – Warner Music Group’s Arts Music division has deployed the official Relaxing Digital website ( to expand the reach of this partnership.

The innovative website highlights Endel’s recently released five Sleep albums, which are the first “app-as-an-artist” releases featured on Apple Music and iTunes. Relaxing Digital also publishes an expansive array of diverse content related to the science of sound and sound’s profound physiological and psychological impact – specifically on sleep, relaxation, and focus. Relaxing Digital’s scientifically supported articles range from topics such as groundbreaking sleep science findings to the best sleep health tips, from delving into the most relaxing and mindfulness enhancing sounds to revealing the most effective background noise for focus and concentration. The site serves as a robust informative and creative supplement that provides the most relevant content associated with the Endel and Arts Music partnership.

In addition to releasing the five Sleep albums across multiple streaming and download services, Endel will also work in partnership with the Arts Music division to create and release five Focus albums, five Relax albums, and five On-the-Go albums. All titles will be released in the coming weeks and will be available across all download and streaming services. The Focus, Relax, and On-the-Go albums will also be featured prominently on Relaxing Digital.

Visit Relaxing Digital here: