3 Ways to Increase Facebook Page Post Views

Having trouble getting fan eyeballs on your brand’s Facebook Page posts? You’ve spent time and energy crafting the perfect updates, so let’s examine a few easy ways to make them ‘go’ and snag attention. The goal is to get your brand’s updates in front of your valuable audience. Here are 3 simple, often overlooked, methods to start utilizing now!

1) Be sure to share your brand posts on your personal Facebook profile (and other social media accounts too). 

Not to be Captain Obvious over here, but chances are your Facebook Page fans and personal Facebook friends overlap some— especially if you’re a small, niche, or local business. So share your brand’s posts via your channels. You have complete control over your own social media presence, so why not use it as another method to reach your target and nab those who already really have an interest in your life/endeavors?

Really important— Make sure your brand’s Facebook Page gets credit for the post. You want your Facebook Page to be seen as the ‘originator’ of the update. The Facebook Page only receives this credit with video, photo, and text updates. Link posts will only credit your personal profile. Super annoying, but keep that in mind.

2) Feed your Facebook Page updates into your brand’s other social network accounts, blog, and/or website.

You can easily set up your Facebook Page posts to automatically hit your brand’s Twitter account as soon as you select ‘post.’ I’d recommended doing this manually instead to ensure you take advantage of Twitter’s unique attributes and optimize your messaging strategy for that specific platform (hashtags, username call outs, etc.). I’d only set up automation if you’re in a serious time crunch. Examine the usefulness of other social media channels and play around with their ability to lead people back to your Facebook Page property.

Embedding your Facebook Page post on your website/ blog is another good move. You can share your website material or blog post via Facebook and then nab the ’embed post’ code. (This option is located in the top right drop-down menu that appears in the corner of published Facebook posts.) Take that code and copy/paste it into your website/blog. This helps drive additional traffic to your brand’s Facebook Page.

3) Prompt your fans to get Facebook Page notifications.

Don’t go crazy, but sometimes remind your fans to take advantage of the “Get Notifications” option under the “Liked” button to help them keep up with your brand’s updates. Adding in reasons as to why fans should take action in your messaging is a good idea (store openings, product launches, limited time offers…), also showing them how to reach this feature is useful. It never hurts to simply ask.