Top-Notch Free & Low-Cost Stock Photo Sources

As discussed previously, selecting engaging and wallet-friendly stock photos can be quite the task. To save you time and frustration, we’ve complied a gigantic list of helpful sources for your social media, blog, and marketing needs.

To avoid potential issues, let’s define two important aspects that come up when searching for images, “Public Domain” and “Creative Commons.”

Public Domain

These images do not have a copyright and are not owned property. Items published prior to 1923 and modern photos released for public use by the photographer themselves are in the public domain.

Creative Commons License 

Sometimes artists and photographers allow others to reuse their work for free, but they get to specify limits. Some images require attribution, some are labeled for noncommercial use only, etc. Flickr provides a really good explanation of this arrangement. Be mindful of labeling and utilize search filters to navigate boundaries.

Free Sources


Reasonably Priced Sources (Highly recommended for quality and cost.)

As you can see, a large variety of high quality images are readily available without the big price tag! Happy searching!