How to Boost “Shares” on Facebook

Facebook probably makes up a huge hunk of your social media marketing efforts. Your team spends a lot of time and energy crafting content, drafting content calendars, and analyzing data. Ensure that your content goes the distance and gets the coveted “share-worthy” nod from your fans by minding these tips.

Tap into Emotions. 

Make your fans feel. Make them think. Tug at their psyche. Develop content that causes a reaction, it could be as simple as a chuckle or a moment of introspection. People will share what cuts through the ‘noise’ of Facebook and makes them feel. Excuse my language, but I fucking love science does a stellar job evoking responses and enticing fans to share posts. The post below has only been live for 3 hours and has collected a whopping 27,000+ “Shares.” Obliviously the vaccination debate has really heated up after the recent Disneyland measles outbreak. I fucking love science does a brilliant job balancing current events with fascinating facts spanning centuries of scientific breakthroughs. With almost 20 million Facebook fans and an active fan community, they have homed in on their niche.

facebook sharesThink Visuals.

We’ve all heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Know why everyone has heard this quip? Because it’s true. With that being said, always use a visual component in every single Facebook post and avoid abusing the almost unlimited Facebook post word count. Facebook users need to be able to process your message quickly as they scroll through their hectic News Feeds. Nobody is going to sit on their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops and read an essay. Think stock photos, illustrated quotes, infographics, short videos, etc. Including a visual element will result in more likes, comments, and shares plus the almighty Facebook algorithm will look kindly upon you.

This post from PopSugar Moms shows how easy this can be.

facebook sharesIncentivize.

Incorporating an incentive into Facebook content helps spread your message among fans and their social connections. It can be as simple as a Facebook exclusive coupon code, offer, or contest. Freshly Picked often teams up with other mother/child geared brands to maximize the amount of eyeballs and engagement directed at their page. Take a moment and just look at the stunning amount of shares they scoop up on any given post. People love free, the idea of winning, and also enjoy feeling like they are getting short tracked to a great deal.

facebook shares


Consider placing a simple “share” call-to-action at the close of occasional Facebook posts. It might sound obvious, but sparking fans to take a specific action does work. Give it a whirl and check out your results. Beyond the “share,” you can pose questions that encourage comments and use a similar call-to-action to foster “likes.”

Bank on Likability.

Step out from behind the corporate persona and humanize your brand by touting social causes. Does your company sponsor any special events or do anything charitable in your community? Use good causes to place your brand in a good light and build a tangible connection with your audience. Not only will these good deeds give your company ‘brownie points’ but it will also spread awareness about your chosen cause. Pick something that your brand is passionate about and let it resonate!


Keep these pointers in mind when sitting down to brainstorm content ideas and enjoy more notice from those Facebook users you’re aiming to reach!