Background and Approach

MobSoc Media and Madefire joined forces to create a native advertising campaign focused on Madefire’s free digital comic app which delivers the most innovative reading experience for iOS. The Madefire digital comic mobile app takes comics a step further than traditional static images and sequential art with the new format called Motion Books. Designed for reading on a screen, the Motion Books format plunges readers into a unique interactive experience complete with 360 panoramic views with sound, motion and depth to transport the reader deep into the action and immerse them in an interactive reading experience. The campaign targeted 28M people in primarily English speaking markets with precise interests in Anime, Manga, and Comic books.

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The campaign delivered impressive results including:

  • Generated an average time spent on the article of 4 minutes and 42 seconds, providing valuable brand and app recognition for Madefire.
  • Improved Madefire’s organic search rank in 4 of 5 keyword areas targeted by the campaign.
  • Achieved 1,176 earned media actions (Likes, Comments, and Shares), spreading the branded content across social media connections.
  • Delivered a click through rate of 1.4%. (3x higher than industry average levels)

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