MobSoc Media Case Study: Dogg Boss Gear

MobSoc Media Case Study: Dogg Boss Gear

Content Campaign


Background and Approach

MobSoc Media and Dogg Boss Gear partnered up to create a native advertising campaign touting the design of Dogg Boss Gear’s innovative Zipp-n-Go Leash. The patented design of the Zipp-n-Go leash features an anti-choking soft cushion which prevents pressure from being applied to the dog’s throat and is the very first zipping dog leash specifically designed for dog owners who want more control over their canine companions. The campaign targeted 8.1M United States-based dog owners between the ages of 21 and 65 and was configured to run within Facebook’s desktop feed as well as the mobile feed to maximize user engagement. View the complete advertorial here:


The campaign produced exceptional results:
  • Delivered a 4.1% click through rates. (8x higher than industry average levels).
  • Generated an average time spent on the article of 3 minutes and 57 seconds, providing valuable brand recognition for Dogg Boss Gear.
  • Improved Dogg Boss Gear’s organic search rank by 8 positions for relevant keywords via authoritative link backs to the main Dogg Boss Gear website.
  • Achieved a 5.2% action rate (Likes, Comments, and Shares) with high levels of earned media uplift.

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