MobSoc Media Case Study: alternaVites

MobSoc Media Case Study: alternaVites

Content Campaign


Background and Approach

MobSoc Media worked with Rich Vitamins LLC, to help to improve social presence for their product, alternaVites Kids. A timely and informative branded content article was crafted, covering the benefits of the quick-melting multivitamin and providing caregivers with useful "healthy smile" tips. The article itself also featured ‘where to buy’ links and incorporated links directed back to the alternaVites website. The associated website click ad campaign targeted women in the 25-65 age bracket who resided within zip codes where Walmart carried alternaVites Kids and expressed parenting-related interests. The ad campaign ran on both desktop and mobile devices. Review the branded content piece here.


The campaign delivered the following results:
  • Generated a deep level of audience engagement with the average time spent on the branded article totaling 3 minutes and 8 seconds.
  •  Improved brand and product recognition for alternaVites among moms in the targeted Walmart zip code areas.
  • The complete campaign delivered a 2.1% click through rate average (4x higher than the industry average).

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