MobSoc Media Case Study: Costhetics

MobSoc Media Case Study: Costhetics

Content Campaign


Background and Approach

MobSoc Media was approached by AYG Romania to help to improve awareness surrounding one of their clients- Costhetics. Costhetics is an Australian-based network of plastic surgeons and news portal for cosmetic surgery. MobSoc Media and AYG joined forces to create an informative and timely native ad focused on famous celebrity cosmetic surgery disasters. The campaign precisely targeted 4.6 million women within the 18-65 age range geographically located in Australia and New Zealand. The campaign focused on women on Facebook with precise interest in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, beauty, skincare, and beauty enhancement.

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The campaign enjoyed stellar performance:

  • Delivered 18.20% click through rates. (a 45x gain over industry average levels as the average CTR for a Facebook display ad is 0.4%)
  • Achieved earned Media uplift of 5,254 audience engagement actions (Likes, Comments, Shares) on Costhetics branded content.
  • Delivered a very low cost per action of $0.04.

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